Winter Means Cardigans Are Back

Winter Means Cardigans Are Back - C-SQUARE

In recent seasons, the modest cardigan has experienced a genuine comeback. The days when a cardigan was only worn by your granddad are long gone, thanks to their appearances on the runway of luxury fashion brands and their frequent outings on the backs of fashion icons. In fact, you should probably go through your grandpas’ closet to see if there is any knitwear you can take.


From street style pioneer Pharrell to the rap icon Kendrick Lamar, the cardigan has earned its proper status as a component of the modern rotation's essential wardrobe.



Kendrick Lamar wearing cardigan


Tyler, The Creator is one of the best at backing the corner of cardigans. The musician has been wearing cardigans for more than five years, even designing them with his own line Golf Wang.


Undoubtedly, when the weather starts to get chilly, a cardigan is at its best.


For the coldest months, when layering (finally) becomes possible again, having a good selection of knitwear is highly recommended. This includes a few cardi choices. You can create a classic preppy look by pairing one with a long coat, or, as Tyler suggests, wear a puffer jacket over top. Either way, you can expect a comfortable fit. Additionally, unlike a typical sweater, you have the option to unbutton when it gets warm.