Why the Air Force 1 is the perfect vessel for collaboration

Why the Air Force 1 is the perfect vessel for collaboration - C-SQUARE

Numerous iconic shoe models can be found in the Nike catalogue. It can be difficult to choose a favourite among the diverse Air Jordan family and the 90s legends of Air Max, but the Air Force 1 stands out as a classic that transcends generations.



Regardless of the continent you are on, you will see the Air Force 1 circulating widely. Due to its timeless profile, straightforward design, and wearability on a daily basis, the silhouette transcends subcultural groups and demographics from city to city.


Nike Certified Lover Boy Air Force 1


Since 1982, AF1s have been a mainstay of Nike's product line. Their typically low price has increased their accessibility and solidified their global presence. They have, however, fallen prey to inflation in recent years, with release and secondary market prices reaching all-time highs.


Nike Supreme Air Force 1


The Air Force 1’s are the perfect silhouette for collaboration due to a two key factors: they’re affordable for almost everyone has had a pair in their life (touches the nostalgic factor) and secondly, they’re a simple silhouette allowing for brands to add their flair to it easily.



In recent years, the Air Force 1 has undergone a series of makeovers courtesy of various brands like Supreme, Tiffany & Co., Off-White, and others.

Nike Tiffany & Co. Air Force 1
Nike Louis Vuitton Air Force 1