What's Behind the Rise of Salomon Sneakers?

What's Behind the Rise of Salomon Sneakers? - C-SQUARE

Salomon started producing ski boots in 1979 but didn't start producing hiking shoes until 1992. Early attempts at hiking resulted in models that were more specialized and resembled something that should have a ski attached to it than footwear that could be used for other activities.

Small-town Annecy, located in the heart of the French Alps, is where Salomon first began. Georges Salomon, the company's founder, transformed his workshop into a major player in the world of skiing equipment by closely collaborating with the skiing community to advance existing equipment technologies. Since then, the company has expanded into new markets while continually innovating for fans of outdoor sports.

Salomon Sneakers

Salomon was purchased by Adidas in 1997 (it has since been sold), and by the early 2000s, it had begun to produce more contemporary outdoor shoes, creating a history that is only now beginning to be uncovered.

Salomon's rise to fame can be dated back to 2015, even though it may seem that it blew up overnight amongst some fashion communities. It was adopted by The Broken Arm, a fellow French retailer, who began carrying the brand in its avant-garde boutique. This led to a later collaboration that is still going strong today.

Salomon's rising popularity among sneakerheads comes at a time when the general public is disenchanted with what they perceive to be unfairness in the process of purchasing Nike footwear, which has grown more challenging as a result of supply chain issues brought on by the ongoing pandemic. Over the past few years, brands like Salomon, New Balance, and Crocs have become more well-known, in part because of interesting projects and people's willingness to try new things.

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Salomon's XT-4, XT-6, and Snowcross sneakers are starting to become sought-after pieces by sneaker enthusiasts, and more trusted tastemakers are sporting them than ever before. The ACS Pro Advanced shoe, which is based on the GCS model from the 2000s, was also introduced in December of last year. With its variety of sneakers that all looked the same, it quickly sold out and demonstrated to people that Salomon was much more than a one-trick pony. Palace and Comme des Garçons have also collaborated with the brand. 

Their trail running-inspired sneakers are among the most popular pieces of streetwear footwear, showing up in lookbooks photographed by Juergen Teller, on the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week, and on the feet of fashion icons. Today, Salomon creates goods for snowboarders, adventure racers, hikers, and those who want to dress in a similar manner.

Salomon Sneakers