The Rich History Behind Your Favorite Outerwear Pieces

The Rich History Behind Your Favorite Outerwear Pieces - C-SQUARE

Long coats have genuinely endured the test of time in menswear today. They have not only been worn for centuries, but they also have had a significant influence on outerwear.


Charles Macintosh, a Scottish chemist, invented the mac, the first raincoat, in 1823. He sandwiching a layer of liquid rubber (made with naphtha) between two layers of fabric and in doing so, Macintosh had created a new material that would be resistant to water while also remaining flexible and wearable. Resistant to wet and rainy conditions, the new fabric was perfect for making coats.

 Celebrities wearing trench coats


Over the years, you have the trench coat which accompanied armies during WW1 and WW2, the lapelled overcoat which has remained part of the uniform for formal occasions since the late 18th century, and the parka, a more recent addition which has seen iterations from many major outerwear brands, including Canada Goose and Moncler.


Almost any long coat becomes a wardrobe essential because of its extensive history, which has made it largely resistant to fads. However, that hasn't stopped designers from trying new things. Labels from Essentials to Gucci and everyone in between have their own take on a long coat, whether it's switching out heavy wool for technical nylon or adding patches and artwork to their pieces.

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