Stone Island Teases SS23's "Ghost" Collection

Stone Island Teases SS23's "Ghost" Collection - C-SQUARE

Seasonal Ghost line-ups are distinguished by their monochromatic looks, which are inspired by traditional military camouflage taken to its most extreme form. The iconic compass badge is covered by the same monochromatic wash.

This portion of the seasonal offering has undergone numerous changes over the years, adapting and evolving to both add and subtract fabrications and silhouettes, gradually honing the selection to provide uniform pieces. What some might call wardrobe necessities.A recurring theme in FW22, and now SS23, is the introduction of new tones to Ghost.

While a dark grey was added to the palette last year, "Beige" and "Army Green" are both returning this season.

In the past, "Army Green" was a mainstay of SI Ghost Pieces, peaking in popularity between 2016 and 2017. It now reappears to cover new silhouettes, covering a variety of knits, traditional sweats, an overshirt, and many more. 

The two militaristic tones are joined by classic "Black" looks, all of which are currently trickling onto the Stone Island website.

Stone Island SS23 Ghost Collection