Pearls For Men Are Taking Over Fashion

Pearls For Men Are Taking Over Fashion - C-SQUARE

Recently, pearls for men have taken over the fashion world.


This is due in part to the fact that there are an increasing number of companies selling pearls (Supreme x Tiffany for example), but also, it doesn’t hurt that the movement to make pearls more widely accessible to both sexes has some serious celebrity support.


For many years, the stone has been a mainstay of women's jewellery; everyone from the fashion week influencer you follow to your mother probably has a pair lying around. Because they are such a timeless accessory, pearls are finally becoming more mainstream amongst men as well.


Men wearing pearls isn't a fad; rather, it's a sign that the jewellery industry is finally embracing genderless fashion. According to Lyst's report, the number of men purchasing jewellery increased by 150 percent in 2020, while searches for "men's pearls" and particular pearl styles (anklets and earrings, respectively) increased by 17 percent and 67 and 25 percent, respectively.


While pearls are currently reserved for the most fashion-forward among us, in a few years, pearl necklaces are about to be as commonplace as chains are for men.


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