Design Genius and A Bathing Ape Founder Nigo's Vision For KENZO

Design Genius and A Bathing Ape Founder Nigo's Vision For KENZO - C-SQUARE

In the world of street fashion, Nigo has long been a recognisable name. The illustrious design pioneer joined KENZO in 2021, and since then, he has solidified his position as one of the most infamous figures in Japanese fashion. It is clear that Nigo's influence is felt around the world because his name is now synonymous with streetwear and culture.


“Firstly, [it is] to get to know KENZO. KENZO should be nothing but KENZO. My mission is to make KENZO clothes, not to create my own work. That’s how Kenzo Takada will continue to live.” Said Nigo when asked where’d he’d like to draw inspiration for Kenzo.


He is able to take his irreverent style and leave an enduring impression on the fashion industry thanks to KENZO. The iconic Parisian fashion house has undergone a complete makeover in recent seasons, and Nigo has staked his claim as the modern KENZO label's founder. After Kenzo Takada, the brand's founder, passed away in 2020, Nigo is even more aware of his role within the house, appreciating the value of tradition and the need to strike a balance between it and modern trends. Nigo is one of the few brands that come to mind in this contemporary market that fuses streetwear and luxury when it comes to creating buzz and staying relevant. Nigo revisits the house’s signature motifs and reinvents the KENZO mindset through his copious knowledge and experience within the industry.


Kenzo Runway PictureKenzo Runway Picture Kenzo Runway Picture Kenzo Runway Picture