JW Anderson FW23: The Usual Unusualness

JW Anderson FW23: The Usual Unusualness - C-SQUARE

The JWA FW23 collection also marked the start of a partnership with British dancer-turned-artist Michael Clark. For the collection, Jonathan Anderson, who recently dressed Rihanna for the Super Bowl, collaborated closely with Clark, combining their archives for whimsical designs with a fandom theme.

It's important to note that, according to Anderson, Clark had a significant influence on both the designer and British culture.

JW Anderson FW23

"Fandom is a funny thing: completely personal, frequently irrational, often embarrassing," Anderson wrote in a post-show Instagram caption.

"As I looked back through my own archive for this show, resurrecting elements from each collection of the last fifteen years, Michael let me rifle through his. It helped me pinpoint my own obsessions."

JW Anderson FW23

Simple tanks, deconstructed sweaters with sparkling ends, and handbags with bright green "Michael Clark" prints were all on display. On the other hand, a yellow jumpsuit had an upside-down smiley face on it, a nod to Clark's trademark design.

JW Anderson delivered the cool weirdness we expect with unconventional fluffy pieces with pockets, Tesco plastic bag "fits", animal paw mules, ponchos with tentacles, and suits with exaggerated proportions.

While iconic pieces like the renowned Bumper bag made their runway debut, the brand's just-off-the-runway frog clutch received some much-needed attention today. 

JW Anderson FW23 definitely provided its usual unusualness.


JW Anderson FW23JW Anderson FW23JW Anderson FW23