Inside the Wild World of Loewe: Real Life Minecraft

Inside the Wild World of Loewe: Real Life Minecraft - C-SQUARE

Nobody could possibly accuse JW Anderson of leading LOEWE in a dull direction. The SS23 womenswear collection by the creative director featured several absolutely insane outfits, such as these pixelized clothes that look like something pulled right out of Minecraft and into real life.


They were unveiled this past week at Paris Fashion Week. There was a lot of womenswear in the show, most of which was overshadowed by the pixelized clothing.

Loewe Pixelated Clothing

In the middle of the performance, a hoodie, dress, and pair of pants appeared, representing what LOEWE referred to as "a pixelated glitch." It's a fantastic effect that clever 3D seams handle skilfully.


Welcome to the untamed world of JW Anderson, where high-end clothing serves as a blank canvas for innovative creativity.


Loewe Pixelated Clothing