How The North Face Puffer Jackets Took Over The World

How The North Face Puffer Jackets Took Over The World - C-SQUARE

The North Face puffer jacket has permeated both celebrity and social media culture while also taking hold of high-fashion elites and street style aficionados.

In 1968, a San Francisco-based retailer of climbing supplies gave birth to the North Face name. It quickly came to be associated with outdoor recreation, shifting from the abrasiveness of the mountains to tranquil weekend strolls. Later, it started to become cool at some point. The brand's outerwear rose to prominence in rap music videos and the era's culture throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

It then assumed a prominent position in the world of street fashion and gained the adoration and desire of young people. The partnerships the brand has developed over the years have added to its appeal. The company's most fruitful relationship is with Supreme, an American skateboarding lifestyle company with a strong fashion presence in the hip-hop and skateboarding scenes.


Currently, a North Face puffer jacket is one of the most sought-after items. The brand's Nuptse and cropped puffer styles are so highly sought-after that they are completely sold out.


Cult status


How then does it continue to maintain a cult-like status in 2021?


Kendall Jenner was spotted in a brown cropped North Face puffer jacket in 2019 while it rained. It looked like the perfect off-duty model outfit when she wore it with flared black jeans and platform Doc Martens, and it encouraged a lot of other women to dress similarly.


Kendall Jenner Wearing The North Face Puffer


The TikTok army swiftly followed posts made by Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailee Bieber. The video-sharing app, where trends nowadays are born and die, quickly learned about The North Face buzz. The puffer jacket unexpectedly rose to the top of the fashion heap among the Gen-Z crowd. There are 15.4 million results for the hashtag #northfacepuffer right now.


Emily Ratajkowski Wearing The North Face PufferBella Hadid Wearing The North Face PufferJake Gyllenhaal Wearing The North Face PufferKanye West Wearing The North Face Puffer


The North Face Nuptse puffer quickly rose to the top of the brand's most popular products, according to fashion search engine Lyst, which found that searches for puffer jackets were up 150% month over month in November of last year.


Even Gucci is enjoying a slice of pie from The North Face. The brands have collaborated before, and they are doing so once more this year to produce a line of Nupste jackets, backpacks, waist bags, knitted bobble hats, bucket hats, and hiking boots that features the eclectic prints of the Italian brand and the street style know-how of the outerwear institution.

Billie Eilish Wearing The North Face Puffer

Puffer jackets are not a major story. Puffer jackets have become a winter wardrobe essential since street style, normcore, and athletic wear forced dresses and heels out of our closets.

The longevity of the purchase is actually the most alluring feature of The North Face jackets, not their celebrity appeal or edgy appearance. Never consider the cost per wear or whether it was a poor purchase because these jackets were made to withstand the elements. A single puffer coat will last for years. 

The North Face puffer jacket is the ideal winter walking companion, even after the social media glitz wears off and a new fashion item emerges to claim the cultural spotlight.


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