Fleece Jackets Are Fashions Newest Staple

Fleece Jackets Are Fashions Newest Staple - C-SQUARE

Fleece jackets are now worn by everyone, not just hiking dads or CEOs of tech startups. With the help of celebrities like Drake, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner over the years, the fleece jacket has evolved into a sort of streetwear staple.

 Drake wearing a fleece jacket

From a hiker's necessity, the beloved fleece sweater has evolved into a canvas for experimentation for both high-end and streetwear brands.


The North Face and Patagonia, the latter of which invented polar fleece in 1979 along with Malden Mills, are outdoor brands that specialise in this type of outerwear. They are now staple brands that serve a parallel lane to the high-fashion interpretations and Instagram-instigated hype.


Because of the work of those two labels, the fleece used in modern jackets allows moisture to evaporate more quickly than cotton or wool, making it an excellent material to wear while exploring or working outside. Additionally, if you happen to be caught in a light rain, you can anticipate that the water droplets will bead up and largely keep you dry.

Hailey Beiber wearing a fleece jacketBella Hadid wearing a fleece jacket Kendall Jenner wearing Patagonia fleeceShia LaBeouf wearing Patagonia fleece


With the newly discovered appreciation for fleece, there are now more options than ever on the market, and some of them are selling out quickly.


A Stüssy Venus Fleece or Supreme's most recent Nike ACG collaboration will cost you more than retail price on resale markets due to high demand. And the red and white checkered design from NIGO and Louis Vuitton's LV2 line, the holy grail for fleece lovers everywhere, is reselling on secondary markets for $2,000+.


Louis Vuitton Made FleeceStüssy Venus Fleece