ACW* X Dr. Martens Is Almost Here

ACW* X Dr. Martens Is Almost Here - C-SQUARE

Dr. Martens' footwear is fairly straightforward in essence. High-cut or low-cut profiles of durable premium leather are combined with a yellow welt stitched Airwair sole.

In fact, the brand has rarely deviated from the fundamentals for which it has become known throughout its history, and the fact that it is still among the most well-known brands available suggests that it is unnecessary for it to do so.


But what happens if the fundamentals are even more severely reduced? Its most recent connection to Samuel Ross' A-COLD-WALL* should shed some light, though.


The 1461 and 1460 have been reworked in a way that "rejects the overdesigned mainstream" in the Dr. Martens x ACW* FW22 collaboration, which focuses on crisp lines and refined aesthetics.


ACW* updates both silhouettes with a double-height Bex sole for a solid foundation, building on previous seasons.


A staple of the collaboration that dates back to their first collection are the clean architectural structures that stand out on the silhouettes' profiles where the eyelets would typically be firmly placed. Similarly, front zips have taken the place of laces, which were previously present.


Stay tuned to our blog for latest updates on this drop!


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